“Explainer” videos: A modern marketing trend

The emerging trend of using short, animated “explainer” videos present a company’s idea, product, or service in an easy to understand, clear, and entertaining fashion.

Explainer videos combine the latest marketing techniques, such as: kinetic typography, animated characters, motion graphics, white board animation, stop motion, as well as other media such as photography and video.

However, the goal of explainer videos remains the same: packaging ideas, products and services in a single format that uses clear language and entertaining visuals without taking up too much time (about one to two minutes).

Benefits of explainer videos include: organic SEO boost, higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates on web pages, and increased email click-through and ROI.

If you are looking to use this widely used venue to communicate your message, the 2-D animation and characters are more cost effective when compared to their 3-D counterparts.

In short, explainer videos have become an art form that many companies have learned gets them noticed over their competitors in a way that can be cost effective and fun.

Click here to view one of our recent explainer video samples.



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