Real estate video tours attract home shoppers

Want to make your home or commercial property stand out among hundreds of other listings?

As a tactic to entice buyers in this competitive real estate market, the new trend of adding a short video of homes for sale is benefiting both sellers and buyers.

Instead of still, cold photos that don’t have any emotion, short movies can create an emotional connection with buyers. A recent Wall Street Journal article repeated the goal as stated by producers of these short videos: Make the video “go viral” online and get the properties sold quickly.

Videos that showcase properties can also make people fall in love with a home they would not otherwise have even considered, had they looked only at virtual tours and traditional real estate websites.

Buyers benefit because they are purchasing a home that is relatively cheap right now thanks to interest rates that continue to remain low. Sellers get their property marketed in a more “intimate” fashion via videos. When these homes sell faster, it makes the possible acquisition of a bridge loan to buy the desired new property unnecessary, a huge cost-savings move.

While some production companies are offering three-minute Hollywood-like movies complete with actors for high-priced, upscale properties, sellers can have a short video made that is within their budget. Real estate videos can speed up the process of acquiring a buyer while conditions remain favorable in competitive marketplace.

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