Why HDR for product photography?

High Dynamic Range, or HDR (imaging), involves a set of techniques that can bring out the “wow factor” in your product photographs.

One of the biggest reasons why HDR should be used for product images, for example, involve giving that product a unique look that is simply not achievable without this methodology.

Through the use of HDR, a series of photos are combined, and the result is something we humans would never ordinarily see, giving you an extraordinary and unique look. It is, however, important to maintain a natural balance and apply HDR in a tasteful way that doesn’t overwhelm the viewer.

The success of HDR’s use in photography depends on the light intensity, with Dynamic Range measured in EV(exposure value) between the variances in the brightest and darkest areas of the photographs.

By blending several digital images into one will render a stunning look for your product that involves a whole range of reflected light values that our eyes can’t combine or imagine on their own.

HDR can be used for many applications including real estate. Properties and interior shots look more attractive and sell better with the enhanced lighting and detail that HDR provides. Shooting HDR in-camera can generate quality images and is a great time-saving option when the photographer needs to produce a high volume of photos.

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